Marquee Hire Heating Options Yorkshire

We have direct or indirect heating methods for your marque  

Direct Marquee Hire Heating Options

This method is usually adopted by clients that are on a tight budget or clients having a small private event.

With this method the gas heater is placed within the marquee. The heater blows hot air into the marquee. Although this is the cost effective way to heat a marquee is it the less safe especially around children, so caution is always recommended, this heater would also need someone to manually switch it on and off.

Indirect Marquee Hire Heating Options


We do recommend this method if health and safety is an issue and there are a large number of clients or guests and the event.

This is the more costly way of heating a marquee, yet it is a more safer method of the two as the heater is located outside the marquee and hot air is then ducted into the marquee through a venting system.

We are often asked about how to keep warm in a marquee, well there are different methods depending on what you budget requires. 

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